As we reported earlier, French activists and the Movement in Defense of the Khimki Forest conducted an event called ‘Khimki Forest Workshop’ in the center of Paris on June 20, from 6:30pm to 8:00 local time.

The participants of the event include Yaroslav Nikitenko, Khimki forest defender, as well as French green organizations, activists from Guadeloupe, Poland, Namibia, Brazil, Russia and many French people.  

They were drawing pictures on the Khimki forest topic on big pieces of paper lying on the pavement. One of participants even drew a baobab in the Khimki forest.

A bit of politics…

The organizers were also giving out acorns gathered in the Khimki forest. Now they will be planted all over the world – in Guadeloupe, France, Spain, Brazil, Australia, Russia and other countries.

Yaroslav Nikitenko will bring the posters devoted to the Khimki forest to the next event which will take place on June 23 in front of the Russian embassy in Berlin, and then he will take them to Russia.

Today, on June 21, Yaroslav will have a meeting with French green organizations.

Recall that the main goal of the events in European cities is the withdrawal of the French company Vinci from the Moscow – St Petersburg highway construction project. Vinci has signed a contract with the Russian government to build the 15-58 km section of the highway across the Khimki forest.